Peacework is a term borrowed from Henri Nouwen which suggests that peace is cultivated on a daily basis in the interplay between our inner and outer lives. As the tagline of this site suggests, peacework is the daily practice of working towards wholeness in self and the world. This site is my personal exploration of that inner and outer work.

I’m a husband, organizer, preacher and friend. My wife, Kaylanne, and I live in community in Denver, CO and are part of the Denver Catholic Worker, and Beloved Community Mennonite Church. I’m one of the founders and organizers of a radical housing justice organization called the Colorado Village Collaborative, which operates from a paradigm that suggests that housing is a human right, and exists to create and operate transformational housing communities in partnership with people coming from homelessness.

My work is a form of applied theology that stems from a contemplative spirituality. I’m especially passionate about racial justice, women’s voices, the right to housing, combatting displacement, preserving life, protecting our common home, diverse community building, and seasonal living – these are each different facets and aspects of my peacework. Through community based moral formation, I’m working to articulate a liberation theology for myself and my friends as we seek to break free from our cultural addiction to empire.

Thanks for joining me in this work!



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