Current Projects

Women’s Tiny Home Village – CVC is currently in the design and development stage of building it’s second tiny home village in partnership with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, and Radian Inc. Announcements and updates are forthcoming at

Breathe Peace: Disrupt Death; Celebrate Life – Beloved Community Mennonite Church and other congregations from Mountain States Mennonite Conference are currently in conversations around organizing a campaign to call for an end to state sanctioned killing in a variety of forms: death penalty, war, gun violence, systemic racism, sexual assault, environmental degradation, economic inequality, and more. Stay tuned for avenues to participate in this exciting and evolving work!

“In My Back Yard” – A socially engaged collaborative art project with Redline Contemporary Art Center. “In my back yard,” will be a mobile tiny home art gallery/event venue that demonstrates the vitality and creativity emerging from tiny home villages. We are currently in the design phase and seeking pop-up locations for summer 2018 with a range of events including art displays, concerts, and farm to table feasts.

Zoning Code Updates – The City of Denver is currently undergoing an update of the Group Living Uses in its Zoning Code, and I am one of several CVC representatives on the subcommittee that is looking into “new and emerging uses” in the zoning code. This work will seek to create the zoning policy necessary in order to scale the tiny homes movement, and thereby to preserve and prioritize land for the poor in Denver’s urban core.

Boundless Wilderness Retreats – A collaborative wilderness retreat experience with rock-star adventure guide and photographer, Anna Larrabee. Boundless Wilderness Retreats provide space for cultivating Christian imagination by making a wilderness journey in friendship with Jesus. Throughout this wilderness journey, participants are invited to consider the depth of their cultural addiction to empire, and to develop the imagination necessary to walk the liberated, life filled path of Jesus in the world.